Newsletter No 1


OCTOBER 2015                 

Welcome to the first edition of our Association’s bimonthly Newsletter! We hope that it will be an informative tool for our members.  We also look forward to having your input so please send us any events and news that you would like to share. In this first edition, we wanted to touch briefly on the history of long and solid bilateral relationships between Switzerland and Turkey. Our first diplomatic ties started with the Ottoman Empire opening a representation in Bern in 1899. Later, two treaties of paramount importance for the new Republic of Turkey were signed in Switzerland: the Lausanne Peace Treaty (1923), which is considered to mark the birth of modern Turkey, and the Montreux Convention (1936), which granted Turkey full sovereignty over the Dardanelles Strait and the Bosphorus. These events helped create a special bond between Turkey and Switzerland. A Treaty of Friendship between the two countries was signed in 1925. In honour of this friendship, in 2008, Switzerland gave Turkey the desk on which the Treaty of Lausanne was signed. We take this opportunity to welcome to Geneva the new Consul General of Turkey, Mr Huseyin Barbaros Dicle.



Ball of the Association on October 31

Our annual ball on the occasion of Turkey’s National Day will be held on October 31st at Four Seasons Hotel. For all the upcoming activities:

Memories of Le Corbusier, on the footsteps of the Swiss Master, on October 5

Round Table at Bilgi University, Faculty of Architecture, 14.00-18.00

Le  Corbusier,  one  of  the  most  influential  architects  of  the  twentieth  century,  was  born  in 1887  in  the  Swiss  town of  La  Chaux-de-Fonds.  Not  following  the  typical  architectural  education  of  his  time,  he  travelled  for  training  to the  south  and  east  of  the  Mediterranean  Sea  where  he  made  a  personal  and  alternative  “Grand  Tour”,  during which  especially  one  country  influenced  his  creativity:  Turkey  in  its  last  years  of  the  Ottoman  Empire.  In  1911, when  he  was  only  24,  he  arrived  in  Istanbul  where  he  stayed  for  several  weeks.  He  carefully  noted  and sketched  in  his  famous  booklet,  “Voyage  d’Orient”,  many  Ottoman  buildings,  ranging  from  big  mosques  of Mimar  Sinan  to  small  unknown  timber  houses  in  secondary  streets  of  the  historic  Peninsula.  It  was  here  that he  concluded  his  journey  of  initiation  to  architecture.  The  Consulate General of Switzerland  is  sponsoring  this  event  with  the  participation  of  Prof .  Bruno  Reichlin  from  the  Polytechnic  of  Zurich.

Fazil Say in concert with Zurich Chamber Orchestra on October 20

At Tonhalle, Zurich

The pianist will play Mozart as well as his own compositions Silk Road and Space Jump

Marco  Zappa,  Ticino participation  at  the Italian  language  Festival on October 23

At the Italian Cultural Institute, Istanbul

The Consulate General has invited the famous singer/songwriter “ cantautore” from  the  Canton  of  Ticino,  Marco  Zappa  and  his  band  to  play  on  Friday ,  23rd of  October  at  7:30  pm  at  the  Italian  Cultural  Instute  in  Istanbul.  The  entrance  to  the  concert,  which  is within  the  framework  of  the  Italian  language  week,  is  free.


Etienne Liotard, Retrospective Exhibition starting on Ocotber 24 until January 31st

At Royal Academy, London

For the famous Swiss artist Royal Academy says “Jean-Etienne Liotard was an artist in great demand across Enlightenment Europe and beyond. An eccentric and distinctive portraitist, his work conjures up the magnificence and cultural curiosity of the age in vividly lifelike detail”.



Turkish Schools in Geneva

The school year has started. At Ecole de l’Europe (Avenue d-Aire 42) the classes take place on Wednesdays between 14:00-16:00 and between 16:30-18:50, and at Institut International de Lancy (Avenue Eugene-Lance 24) on Thursdays between 15:30-17:50.

In addition there are schools in Sion, Monthey, Fribourg, Renens, Neuchatel and Moudon. For more information please contact by email:

André Kaplun on his recent book Queen of Sheba,  October 12, 7pm

At Hotel Montbrillant, Geneva

Our member André Kaplun, retired attorney and former Chairman of the Geneva city parliament is also a scholar of Antiquity. He will be presenting his last book Queen of Sheba to the Soroptimist Club of Geneva.



G20 Finance Ministers’ meeting was held in Ankara on September 4-5: Turkey launched Women20

Turkey is the current (2015) President of G20. Apart from G20’s official engagement groups such as B20, C20 and Y20, Turkish presidency launched in this 3rd meeting of the year a new engagement group W20 (Women20), concentrating on how to enhance the role of women in business. The first W20 summit will be held in Istanbul on October 16-17.

The Launch of the Museum “Sense the Colours” in Landschlacht – September 13

Turel Sut’s exhibition of  Sense the Colours which has been touring Germany and Switzerland turned into a Museum in Landschlacht.

Turkey becomes Associate Member State of CERN

In May, the Republic of Turkey became an Associate Member of CERN. This follows notification that Turkey has ratified an agreement signed last year, granting that status to the country.

Associate Membership will allow Turkey to attend meetings of the CERN Council. Moreover, it will allow Turkish scientists to become members of the CERN staff, and to participate in CERN’s training and career development programmes. Finally, it will allow Turkish industry to bid for CERN contracts, thus opening up opportunities for industrial collaboration in areas of advanced technology.

ARTS UPDATE Sponsored by Cornucopia Magazine

14th Istanbul Biennial: Saltwater September 5–November 1 Various locations

Follow our 3-day guide blog to get the best from this year's massive event

Filmekimi 2015 Various locations October 3–11

…and in Safranbolu Altan Safran Documentary Film Festival October 9–11

Akbank Jazz Festival 2015 Various locations October 21–November 1

Istanbul Recitals – Saleem Ashkar, piano recital The Seed (Sakıp Sabancı Museum), Emirgan Thursday October 8 at 8pm

Hortus Musicus Early music from the Estonian ensemble The Naval Museum, Beşiktaş Friday October 1 at 8pm

John Garstang's Footsteps Across Anatolia Archaeological photography exhibition Research Centre for Anatolian Civilisations (RCAC), Beyoğlu Until December 10

Le Musée d’Histoire Naturelle de Constantinople Reviving the natural history museum Studio-X, Karaköy Until November 13

Zero: Countdown to the Future Works from the Zero movement founded in Dusseldorf in 1957 September 2, 2015–January 10, 2016 Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Emirgan

Two new shows opening at Borusan Contemporary, Rumelihisarı: September 5, 2015–February 21, 2016 What Lies Beneath (Four room-sized installations)

Desire (Digital and video works from the Borusan collection)


Along the Silk Roads Photography by Lynn Gilbert and Didier Vanderperre October 15–December 15 Flushing, NY

Turkish Festivals: Washington DC, September 27

Chicago, September 2–5


The Art of the Turks Until November 8 Dusseldorf, Germany

Jean Étienne Liotard Until September 13 Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh

And then at the Royal Academy, London October 24, 2015–January 31, 2016

London Islamic Sales Sotheby's Bonhams and Christies October 6–9

Talent Unlimited Showcase Concert St James's Piccadilly, London Thursday October 1 at 6.30pm

The Mighty Danube and the Turks along it A talk by BBC correspondent Nick Thorpe Turkish Cultural Centre, London Thursday October 8, at 6.30pm

Ottomania: The Ottoman Orient in Renaissance Art Until September 27 The National Museum in Krakow, Poland

Browse even more worldwide events here:

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