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APRIL 2018

In this month's newsletter, we would like to share in the special celebrations of the Swiss painter Ferdinand Hodler's centenary that is taking place this year all around Switzerland.  Born in Bern, Hodler spent a difficult childhood and became an orphan at fourteen. He worked from the age of nine as an apprentice to souvenir artists who painted Alpine scenes to sell to tourists. In 1871, when he was eighteen, he travelled on foot to Geneva and was discovered by Barthelemy Menn who guided his studies in artistic painting.

It was only around the 1890s the dramatic power and character of his works started to emerge. His first major work, "Night", caused a scandal in Geneva at the Beaux-Arts exhibition where it was deemed obscene by the authorities and quickly withdrawn from the exhibition. Undeterred, Hodlertook his work to the Salon in Paris where it was not only exhibited but also had the support of Rodin and Puvis de Chavanne .... to the dismay of Genevans!

Today Hodler is considered one of the masters of symbolism.  He, however, called his style "parallelism": He believed symmetry and rhythm formed the basis of human society and strived to emphasize these parallel relationships. He mostly painted people in their everyday activities but recurring in these paintings is an ever-present undercurrent of death.  This is to be expected, as he personally lost many beloveds from an early age.

Several exhibitions are organized this year in honour of Hodler, both in Switzerland and abroad. Musée d'Art de Pully has gathered Hodler's works in private collections for an exhibition that is currently on and until the 3rd of June.

Musée Rath's exhibition will start on April 20, and it will bring to the forefront the self-described parallelism of Hodler.

We have many more events below so keep reading. We wish you a wonderful spring and, to all the chidren, a very Happy April 23 Children's Day!!


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Association Events

Sovereignty and Children’s Day – April 21 from 14h00

This event is also jointly supported by the Turkish Consulate and The Mothers’ Group. There will be many activities and story telling. Please register at

On the 31st may we will be with our member Mirka Fayon at her boutique SMILE to meet with Turkish creators. 

For future Association events :


Morges Tulip Festival – From March 31st to May 6

Parc de l’Indépendence, Morges

As every year, Turkey participates to this spectacular show with its own pavilion. The festival lasts six weeks and presents more than 120’000 tulips of 300 varieties. A perfect idea of enjoying the colours on a sunny weekend!


Ahmet Güneştekin in a mixed exhibition - ongoing

Artion Gallery, Geneva

Ahmet Güneştekin is a Turkish painter passionate about the legends and cultures of Anatolia, as well as its diverse and regional variety of craftsmanship. He expresses these Anatolian motifs and crafts in his works.  This passion also led to a TRT documentary called “Güneşin Izinde” (on the trail of the sun) which unearths these nearly disappearing legends and crafts with the hopes of preserving and encouraging them and introducing them to the world.


Lausanne Contemporary Art Fair - from April 19 to April 22

Palais de Beaulieu, Lausanne

This is the second edition of this international art fair that is bringing together 80 galleries from all around the world.

For more information and tickets:

Don’t miss the exhibition of the talented Turkish artist Mine AKIN with her art pieces having a main theme  “I” hence “woman”.:


Ayla in International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva - April 26

Auditorium Ivan Pictet B, Maison de la Paix, Geneva

The 13th edition of this festival will take place from April 21 to 29. This year’s theme is “Hope”. Ayla, a movie about the story of a little lost girl and a Turkish soldier during the Korean war (Turkey sent soldiers to help), has received great praise and was Turkey’s nominee to this year’s Oscars. It won the best movie award in International Asian World Film Festival and won both the best foreign movie as well as the best movies awards at 24th Sedona International Film Festival in Arizona, US.  

For program and tickets:


Making migration great again: challenges and opportunities of the UN Global Compact for Migration” – Conference – May 8 at 12:30

Auditorium A1B, Maison de la Paix, Geneva

Switzerland and Turkey, as homes to a tradition of receiving refugees, share a common interest in the topic of this conference. The conference will be given by Vincent Chetail, a Professor of International Law. He will focus on the impact of adoption of the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants by the UN General Assembly and how states have launched an ambitious process of inter-governmental negotiations that will lead to the adoption of a global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration. The global compact represents a momentum for the international community to set out a range of principles and commitments addressing all aspects of migration from a comprehensive and coherent approach.

For more details :



We have three members running for election at Grand Conseil of Geneva on April 15

Elçim ÖZDEMIR, Murat Julian ALDER and Alex PFEIFFER are candidates. We wish them all best of luck!!

Our member Jean-Louis Cardahi is also running for election but in Lebanon.

We wish him great success in his campaign!

Our members Eleonore and Rafaela Muraour, are inviting you to re-explore your 5 senses in Galerie Krisal (Carouge) from April 19 to April 30

Their candle collection is sure to awaken all your senses!

Lausanne Bizim Lozan

The much-praised book published by our Association is available for purchase:

Bookstore Letu in Geneva

Shop Hotel Beau-Rivage Palace, Ouchy Lausanne

Gallery Heritage in Geneva

And also on

 We believe it will be a much-appreciated gift by your friends and family! 



Switzerland 8th in the Winter Olympics

At the 2018 winter Olympics that took place in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Switzerland ranked 8 with a total of 15 medals of which 5 were gold. This is the second time that the country gets as many medals since 1924 (last in Calgari with 15 medals). As expected, most of the wins came in the Alpine skiing, the traditional forte of Swiss. Next winter Olympics will be held in Beijing in 2022. Switzerland has not hosted the event since 1948 (St. Moritz). For those who would like to relive the special moments of the games, there is an ongoing exhibition at Musee Olympique.

For more information:


Idil Biret in Oscar Nominee Phantom Thread

If you haven’t noticed, Turkey’s most famous pianist Idil Biret’s, a Chevalier de l’Ordre du Merite from France, and the receiver of many honour medals from Poland (for her exquisite interpretations of Chopin), Italy and Turkey, was also the player of Brahms’ 16 Waltzes No.11 in the movie! Phantom Thread was nominated to six awards at this year’s Oscars and received the award for best costume design.


“Being an Efficient and High Impact Woman”

This was an event organized by Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Turkey on March 6 to celebrate and discuss International Women’s Day. The panelists of this event were Turkish women at leading positions in art, corporate world and academia.  


ARTS UPDATE sponsored by Cornucopia Magazine


Leaden Circles Dissolved In The Air
Elgiz Museum, Maslak
March 1–April 28

Once Upon a Time…
Anna Laudel Contemporary,  Beyoğlu
March 1–April 13

Remnants From My Grandmother’s House
Mixer, Karaköy
March 2–April 14

Restless Monuments
Zilberman Gallery and Project Space, Beyoğlu
March 6–April 28

Teşbihte Hata Olmaz
Mixer, Karaköy
March 7–April 7

The Flood
x-ist, Nişantaşı
March 7–April 7

Kara Kum
Galerist, Beyoğlu
March 29–April 21


The Palace Lady’s Summerhouse, by Patricia Daunt
Read the reviews and order your copy here:

Ziyaret Tepe: Exploring the Anatolian frontier of the Assyrian Empire
By Timothy Matney, John MacGinnis, Dirk Wicke and Kemalettin Köroğlu

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