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No 21 FEBRUARY 2019

In this first edition of the New Year, we are pleased to announce that our Göbeklitepe trip will take place in May. While Göbeklitepe is particularly interesting due to its antiquity and its historical (and history changing) value, we would like to also shed light on other fascinating archaeological sites also under excavation in Turkey at the moment. Ziyaret Tepe is a particularly spectacular one. This site offers us a wealth of tantalizing insights into everyday life in the fortified city of Tushan situated in the northern border of the Assyrian Empire. Early excavations began in 2000 and further explorations slowly revealed the stunning remnants of palaces, mansions and barracks for soldiers built from 9th to 6th century BC. Many breath-taking artefacts have been discovered from wall paintings to luxury items and tablets that revealed the existence of a previously unknown language. Some 120 archaeologists and specialists have now worked at site over the past 18 years.


This special journey was documented and published in a book written by Prof. Tim Matney, Dr. John MacGinnis, Prof. Dirk Wicke and Prof. Kemalettin Köroğlu entitled ”Ziyaret Tepe: Exploring the Anatolian Frontier of Assyrian Empire” . This beautiful book was sponsored by Cornucopia Magazine and has recently won the Archaeological Institute of America’s 2019 Felicia A Holton Book Award for the best book of the year in presenting archaeology to the general public.


Our warmest congratulations to Cornucopia Magazine on such an honour and such worthy project! For further details (and to purchase a copy), you can visit the following link: www.cornucopia.net/store/books/ziyaret-tepe

Please visit our new website www.chtr.ch We wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Bezen Erkmen-Hong, Editor

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Association Events


Annual General Meeting – March 19 at 19h00



We look forward to seeing many of you at the event.


Kindly register at assosuisseturquie@gmail.com


Visit to Göbeklitepe – 28 April-4 May



The visit will coincide with the official opening of the site to the public.

For more information please contact : assosuisseturquie@gmail.com


For future Association events : https://www.chtr.ch/fr/prochaines-activit%C3%A9s.html


Concert: Ufuk and Bahar Dördüncü with HEM – February 17 at 5pm

Victoria Hall, Geneva


The great French pianist F.R. Duchable depicts Ufuk and Bahar Dördüncü as two committed pianists equipped with flawless technique, delivering vigorous and evocative performances. Having played together for their entire careers, Ufuk and Bahar Dördüncü complement each other perfectly, creating a distinguished synergy, coupled with exceptional technique, breathtaking virtuosity and great creativity, evidenced in every performance.



I am Ashurbanipal: King of the world, King of Assyria – Until February 24

British Museum, London


This major exhibition on Assyrian Empire displays British Museum’s extensive collection and also includes artefacts from Ziyaret Tepe excavation. More details: http://www.cornucopia.net/events/i-am-ashurbanipal/ and https://www.britishmuseum.org/whats_on/exhibitions/ashurbanipal.aspx



“The Wild Pear Tree” is Turkey’s 2019 Oscar Nominee – February 27


For former Palme winner Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s latest movie The Wild Pear Tree, the Guardian says: ”this is a gentle, humane, beautifully made and magnificently acted movie. It is garrulous, humorous and lugubrious. It’s an unhurried, elegiac address to the idea of childhood and your home town – and how returning to both has a bittersweet savour.” https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/may/18/the-wild-pear-tree-review-nuri-bilge-ceylans-delicious-humane-tableaux


Law, Populism and Liberal Democracy – February 26 at 18:30pm

Maison de la Paix, Geneva


The populist upsurge in the emerging democracies of Eastern Europe and in established democracies like the United States, has exposed the political vulnerability of rule of law as a cornerstone of liberal democracy. It is not just in authoritarian populist states that the independence of judges and the authority of law have come under attack in the name of a majoritarian conception of democracy. This suggests that the rule of law has always stood in a relation of tension with other principles of democracy, including majority rule and an independent media. The lecture explores these renewed political pressures on rule of law, using contemporary examples drawn from the US, the UK and Hungary:http://graduateinstitute.ch/home/research/centresandprogrammes/hirschman-centre-on-democracy/events-1/past-events.html/_/events/hirschman-centre-on-democracy/2019/law-populism-and-liberal-democra



Lausanne Bizim Lozan on Sale

The much-praised book recently published by our Association is available for purchase at:

– Bookstore Letu in Geneva

– Shop Hotel Beau-Rivage Palace, Ouchy Lausanne

– Gallery Heritage in Geneva

– And also

on https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=22298731039&searchurl=sortby%3D0%26vci%3D601833

We believe it will be a much-appreciated gift by your friends and family!


Tasting Alaçatı Tour – April 26-28

Alaçatı, Turkey


For those who would like enjoy Aegean delicacies Claros Tour is organising a gourmet trip to Alaçatı. This small village near Izmir has been a growing tourist centre not only for its sea sights and attractive windsurf conditions but also for its food and herbs festivals. For more details contact:yildirim.ali@claros.com.tr



2019 Oscar Nominee “Eldorado” by Swiss director Markus Imhoof was screened in Istanbul

In this documentary, Markus Imhoof combines his personal history with Europe’s failure to cope with the refugee crisis. The director looks at the current situation through his memories of his childhood friendship with Giovanna, an Italian girl that his parents took in during WWII, and how their friendshipwas torn apart by global politics. Eldorado is a striking production that examines not only the displacement of people but also the moral bankruptcy of profit-making practices. The screening took place at Istanbul Museum of Modern Art on January 24 with the cooperation of Consulate General of Switzerland.


Istanbul’s New World of Words “Kıraathane” Opened Last Autumn

Yemenici Abdüllatif Sok 1, Asmalımescit, Beyoğlu – www.kiraathane.com.tr


Many other cities have literary centres/places for book launches, talks or book clubs. Now Istanbul has its own. Most of the activities are in Turkish, but there is also a book club called “Reading Turkey in English”. Kıraathane in Ottoman times was a coffee shop where people would read or be read to. Consequently, the opening of a café in the premises is also underway!


Pandeli Restaurant Reopened

There was a time when for a foreigner no trip to Istanbul was complete without a meal at Pandeli. It was also the lunch destination of many shop owners in the Spice Market and neighbouring Grand Bazaar. It never served dinner. The restaurant closed its doors in 2016 because of the changes in customer habits and dwindling tourist numbers in those years. With the reopening, its signature sea bass cooked in parchment is also back on the menu!


ARTS UPDATE sponsored by Cornucopia Magazine




Istanbul Recitals: Andrew Tyson, piano

The Seed, Emirgan

Friday, February 15 at 8pm



Nardis Jazz Club: February 2019

Kuledibi Sok, Galata



Effects of the Post on Everyday Life in Ottoman Times from 1840 onwards

ARIT Lecture by Turhan Turgut

ANAMED Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations, Beyoğlu

Monday, February 18 at 6pm



Exhibitions opening this month:

Cosmic Latte

Murat Morova, solo exhibition

Galeri Nev, Nişantaşı

February 1–March 16



Beach Upcycling

Tarik Bayazit ECNP Galeri, Nişantaşı

February 9–16




Works on paper by contemporary Turkish artists

Pı̇levnelı̇ Mecidiyeköy, Şişli

February 12–March 24



Last chance to see this month:


Group exhibition

Orjin Sanat, Maslak

Until February 9



Immersive Integral

Jorinde Voigt

Dirimart Dolapdere, Beyoglu

Until February 10



Useless Objects

Alan Duben

Ayşe Takı Gallery, Nişantaşı

Until February 14



5 Dried Flowers, 7 Confusing Incidents, and 9 Intimate Strangers

Photographs by Ali Taptik

Leica Gallery, Bomonti

Until February 16



Idealist School, Productive Studio

Gazi Arts-Crafts Department 1932–1973

SALT Galata, Karakoy

Until February 17



Interrupted Cycle

Aylin Zaptçioğlu, solo exhibition

x-ist, Karakoy

Until February 23



Green Mold

Group exhibition




Three artists focus on built environments


Both at Mixer, Karakoy

Until February 23


Speculative Spaces

Group show curated by İpek Yeğinsü

Kare Art Gallery, Nişantaşı

Until February 25




Yuşa Yalçintaş

Pi Artworks, Karakoy

Until March 2



We Are Not Innocent

Gizem Karakaş,photo, video, text



My Dear Friends

Bryony Dunne and Roger Anis


Both at DEPO, Tophane

Until March 3


Exhibitions continuing:

This Goes On and On

Ardan Özmenoğlu

Anna Laudel Contemporary, Karakoy

Until March 7



The Time Needs Changing
Group exhibition


Parajanov with Sarkis


Both at The Pera Museum, Beyoglu

Until March 17


Duty of Memory: Shipwrecks

Photographs by Stefano Benazzo

Rahmi M. Koç Museum, Hasköy

Until March 31



The Russian Avant-garde

Sakip Sabanci Museum, Emirgan

Until April 1



Retrospective: Can Göknil

Bozlu Art Space, Sisli

Until April 23



Tombak Ottoman gilt-copper metalwork

Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat, Beyoglu

Until April 28



Ottoman Arcadia

Early Ottoman photography

ANAMED, Beyoglu

Until May 5



Yıldız Moran:

A Mountain Tale Exhibition of photographs

Istanbul Modern Temporary Space, Beyoglu

Until May 12





The Reconstruction of the Being

Mexican sculptor Jorge Marín

CerModern, Ankara

Until February 12



Life And Works: Eren Eyüboğlu CerModern, Ankara

Until March 10



Photography’s Diverse States

Murat Germen retrospective

Sakip Sabanci Mardin Kent Museum, Mardin

Until March 13, 2019




Power of Pattern

Central Asian Ikats from the Reisbord Collection

LACMA, Los Angeles

February 3–July 28



Weave Knot: Belkıs Balpınar

Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, NYC

Until February 16



I Am Ashurbanipal: King of the world, King of Assyria

Major exhibition of Assyrian treasures

British Museum, London

Until February 24




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